ARGAN Body Cream – C144ID250


Body-cream C144ID250 ARGAN
ARGAN Body Cream 250 ml
Body cream rich in moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients, with a soft fragrance. Designed to restore the skin’s elasticity, radiance and beauty for an always young body. Its Argan Oil content, with its well-known regenerating and protective properties, contributes to make the skin smooth and velvety, fights skin aging, and has an intense moisturizing and revitalizing effect. The olive oil extract, in synergy with sweet almond oil, completes the toning and soothing effect for an exceptional feeling of wellbeing. For daily use, as an after bath or after sun treatment, or in the evening for a refreshing massage.
Apply the product to the areas to be treated and massage until completely absorbed.
panthenol,argan oil, elastin, moisturizing factor NMF

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