RIGENERA Ultraintensive anti-aging

  C115TR250 RIGENERA Ultraintensive anti-aging cream 250 ml Special treatment that prevents and fights the forming of wrinkles and protects the skin from photo-aging. Improves the skin’s elasticity and hydration thanks to the unique combination of latest-generation active ingredients: Peptides, to regenerate and protect the fibres, Olive oil, antioxidant that stimulates collagen production, Hyaluronic Acid, … Continued


D94FL020 REJUVA Under eye bags and dark circles Serum 20 ml Fresh and easily absorbed, the serum for under eye bags and dark circles is a specific treatment designed to target fine lines and deliver instant visible results, reducing under eye bags, dark circles and eye fatigue. Special mix with draining herbal extracts (Escin, Vitamins … Continued

LÀCTICA Exfoliation with alpha-hydroxy acid

  D16DT200 LÀCTICA AHA cleansing gel 200 ml This delicate low-foam detergent gel with an acid PH of 3.5 is enriched by smoothing and astringent agents, and cleanses the skin gently providing an immediate feeling of freshness and vitality. The combined effects of mandelic, lactic and glycolic acids make this cream perfectly suited to act … Continued

LÈVIA Sensitive skin

  C19TR250 LÉVIA Sensitive skin cream 250 ml This cream, rich in calendula, zinc oxide and chamomile extract, has a strong decongestant effect and has been developed for the treatment of sensitive and couperose skin. The synergy between the wheat proteins and the vegetable silicone has a film-forming and protective effect, preventing dehydration and protecting … Continued

JÀLICA Moisturizing with hyaluronic acid

  C86TR250 JÀLICA Hyaluronic acid regenerating cream 250 ml A top-quality product for a luminous complexion and elastic and hydrated skin. Suited for any age, it prevents and reduces the effects of dehydration, stimulating the natural processes of physiological hydration. The combination of hyaluronic acid with marine collagen produces a triple effect: it deeply moisturizes … Continued


C145ID250 ENERGHEIA Vitamin C cream 250 ml Latest-generation cream marked by an especially accurate formula and a velvety and soft texture. The formula’s essential antioxidant effect is given by its highly concentrated Vitamin C content able to increase the skin’s metabolism; it stimulates cellular respiration with a powerful effect that fights free radicals and promotes … Continued