Body cream

C106TR500 ESCINA body cream 500 ml Adjuvant body cream for draining treatment, suited to prevent and reduce the stagnation of liquids in the subcutaneous tissues. The functional substances contained in the product, such as escin and organic iodine, have a lipolytic and draining effect that favours the exchange through the skin and the elimination of … Continued

EMÓLIA Hands & feet

  SALI1000PN EMÓLIA Remineralizing salts 1000 g Hand and foot remineralizing salts have a sanitizing, refreshing, deodorizing and purifying effect on the skin, leaving it delicately scented. They contribute to relaxation while they soften the skin and promote cell regeneration. Dissolved in a warm bath, they help to eliminate skin impurities. USE Open the container … Continued


  C111ID500 Afterwax emulsion 500 ml Refreshing emulsion suited to remove wax residues and give an immediate feeling of wellbeing. The alpha-bisabolol contained in the formula helps to relieve skin reddening and irritation. USE Apply the emulsion to the areas to be treated and massage. The product provides a good hand flowability and it is … Continued

Mud and Lotion

  F52FA1000 Draining mud 1000 g This specific mud is an adjuvant for cellulite treatment. The Dead Sea salts, with their mineralizing, draining and purifying effects, favour the elimination of excess liquids. The centella and horsechestnut extracts work together, with a decongestant and protective effect on microcirculation. USE Apply a layer of a few millimetres … Continued

Massage oils

  O75MA500 h’OLIO Fucus 500 ml This natural oil-based cosmetic product is an adjuvant for the treatment of cellulite and localized fat deposits. The fucus extract contained in the formula stimulates the metabolism and helps to reduce localized fat preventing the stagnation of liquids and making the skin smoother and softer. USE Apply the oil … Continued


  C109TR500 500 ml Multipurpose body cream Soft and easy-gliding cream for beauty massage on all types of skin. Besides favouring the gliding of hands during the massage treatment, its formula has an emollient and hydrating effect that leaves the skin soft, smooth and elastic. Particularly suited as a base for delivering functional substances (Sinergie … Continued