Revitalizing Grape

  C171ID250 Grape Body Cream 250 ml Nourishing and emollient body cream obtained from the natural extract of red grapes, which have well-known antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Used on a daily basis, it helps fighting the forming of free radicals making the skin look younger and brighter. USE Apply the cream and massage until completely … Continued


  C53ID250 Emollient body cream 250 ml Soft body cream with olive oil extract and wheat proteins that slowly release their emollient qualities, making the skin moisturized and well-nourished, and giving a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. USE Apply the product evenly on the whole body, massaging until completely absorbed. ACTIVE PRINCIPLES olive oil, elastin, panthenol, … Continued

ARGAN Moisturizing

  C144ID250 ARGAN ARGAN Body Cream 250 ml Body cream rich in moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients, with a soft fragrance. Designed to restore the skin’s elasticity, radiance and beauty for an always young body. Its Argan Oil content, with its well-known regenerating and protective properties, contributes to make the skin smooth and velvety, fights … Continued

EMÓLIA Hands & feet

C119BA75 EMÓLIA Hand cream 75 ml A cream recommended to soften and protect hands with problems of wrinkledness, sensitivity to external agents, or thin, delicate, dry and dehydrated skin. USE Spread a thin layer of cream on clean and dry hands; gently massage until complete absorption. ACTIVE PRINCIPLES coconut oil, glycerin, NMF moisturizing factor C3BA75 … Continued

Body cream

  C31TR250 Stretch mark cream 250 ml Body cream meant to prevent and reduce skin sagging. Its high content of elastin and skin-friendly oils moisturizes and elasticizes the sin, toning it up and making it softer. USE Apply the cream every day on the critical areas (breast, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and hips) with a gentle … Continued

BREAST FULL – UP Breast toning

    C22TR150 Breast cream 150 ml This breast cream is perfect to treat the earliest signs of skin sagging caused by stress, pregnancy and slimming diets. Rich in elastin, mint and arnica extracts, this cream acts on the skin and muscle trophism, restoring the skin’s turgor, tone and elasticity by reinforcing and strenghtening one’s … Continued