ARCTICA Impure skin

Inpure skin cream C12ID250 ARCTICA

Impure skin cream 250 ml

Facial cream for thick, impure and acneic skin. Its vegetable burdock and propolis extracts have antiseptic and skin-cleansing effects that ensure a smoother, brighter skin without impurities and a definitely more opaque look. Contains sunscreen.


Apply after a careful cleansing of the face with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.


burdock, propolis, allantoin


Impure skin mask 250 ml

Mask for the special treatment of thick, impure and acneic skin. The antiseptic and skin-cleansing effects of the burdock and propolis extracts make this mask perfectly suited to fight the skin’s shiny look, the forming of blackheads and comedos, and to eliminate its impurities.


Apply a uniform layer of the product on face, neck and décolletage and leave on for about 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water.


burdock, propolis

Inpure skin mask
Inpure-skin-serum D68FL50 ARCTICA

Impure skin serum 50 ml

Serum for the special treatment of thick, impure and acneic skin. This formula is rich in tea tree oil and burdock, whose antiseptic and sebum normalizing effects prevent shiny look, dilated pores and blackheads.


Apply the cream on face, neck and decolletage and then tap

the skin gently.


burdock, tea tree oil

Professional Treatment Set ARCTICA

The set contains:

Arctica Impure Skin Cream 250 ml

Arctica Impure Skin Mask 250 ml

Arctica Impure Skin Serum 50 ml

Inpure skin cream_cabin

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